Raekwon Reveals RZA Rejected A Leonardo DiCaprio Wu-Tang Biopic

In an excerpt from his memoir, “From Staircase To Stage: The Story Of Raekwon And Wu-Tang Clan,” Reakwon discussed a Wu-Tang biopic he wanted to make with Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a big Wu-Tang fan.

RZA had other plans for a scripted TV bio-series but Raekwon wasn’t feeling it, “I was against the deal because I didn’t like the terms, the money, any of it,” Raekwon said of RZA’s idea.

Inspired by the success of NWA’s Straight Outta Compton Raekwon said, “It made no sense to me to sell our story for a TV series where nobody would walk away with real money, everybody except RZA, that is, because he was getting more on the deal — as an executive producer, writer, creator, composer, and I’m sure a few other ways we’ll never know about.”

Raekwon and RZA took three meetings with Leo about the movie, however Raekwon says RZA had no intention of working with DiCaprio, leading them to argue. Raekwon says that he “didn’t spazz” to hard on RZA but knew his Hollywood relationships were more important than his relationships with Wu-Tang.

Do you think the Wu-Tang story would’ve been better as a movie?