Republican Says Beyoncé & Cardi B Are In League With The Devil

Conspiracy theories are as American as apple pie. There has always been someone who thinks there are ulterior motives when it comes to high-profile deaths and uber-popular celebrities.

Rolling Stone and Media Matters cited a podcast endorsed by Michigan Republican candidate for Secretary of State, Kristina Karamo, who has ties to QAnon and some questionable opinions of the world’s biggest artists.

Among Karamo’s opinions is that Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish put children “under a satanic delusion,” specifically referring to Grande’s 2019 MTV Music Awards performance of “God Is A Woman” and Eilish’s video for “Good Girls Go To Hell.”

Karamo has said Beyoncé uses paganism as a form of “American Spirituality” and thinks JAY-Z is a Satanist but says she has “no hard proof.” Finally, Karamo thinks Cardi B is a “tool for Lucifer” and calls her song “WAP” “very obscene” Karamo also ranted that people doing yoga were practicing a satanic ritual.

What is the strangest conspiracy theory you have heard? Do you have a conspiracy theory you believe?