Review of Halle Berry’s ‘Bruised’

A Deadline writer recently reviewed Halle Berry’s new movie Bruised.
This is her first time directing a film. The project is in select theaters and is also streaming on Netflix.
The Deadline writer had nothing but nice things to say about the actress’s directorial debut.
They wrote, “Bottom line is there is no question Berry has thrown it all against the wall with this one and acquitted herself admirably, not just as you might expect acting-wise from the Oscar-winning star of Monster’s Ball but also behind the camera.”
They added, “Berry certainly knows a strong role when she sees it and clearly wanted to protect it by jumping into the directorial ring as well. What some scenes lack in subtlety she makes up for with the sheer will to simply pull this all off in the first place.”
Will you see Bruised? What is Halle Berry’s best role?