RHOP’s Candiace Dillard Bassett Performs Single “I See You”

Next up, a chat with Mrs. “I Came From Jesus,” Candiace Dillard Bassett! This was my first time meeting Candiace and she loves our WHUR listeners. We had a fun conversation. Since we’re all at home, Candiace decided to be comfortable and show up wearing a fabulous silk bathrobe, a head full of gorgeous new braids, and, of course, holding a fresh cup of tea.

She talked about how she and new hubby, Chris, are still enjoying wedded bliss, while giving each other the space they need during this quarantine. As for the upcoming RHOP season, Candiace spilled just a little tea, and said this year is chock-full of drama! Well we already knew that, when we saw, what looked like a movie, on the local news. You know that part involving Candiace and Monique…and somebody going to jail. I guess we all have to watch RHOP when it comes back in order to get the full details.

Oh, and that’s not everything… Candiace blessed us with an a cappella sample of her new single, “I See You!” It’s a love song that she wrote for Chris. Thank you for a great conversation and opening your home to us!