Serena Williams Will Not Compete In Olympics

Contributed By Scott Lipscomb

Four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Serena Williams will not be participating in the Tokyo Olympics later this summer.

According to ESPN, during her pre-Wimbledon news conference on June 27, the tennis star icon said, “I’m actually not on the Olympic list, not that I’m aware of. If so, then I shouldn’t be on it.”

Williams did not go into much detail, “There’s a lot of reasons that I made my Olympic decision. I don’t really want to — I don’t feel like going into them today. Maybe another day.”

She also added, “I have not thought about it. In the past [the Olympics] has been a wonderful place for me. I really haven’t thought about it, so I’m going to keep not thinking about it.”

Naomi Osaka, who earlier this year withdrew from several tournaments, confirmed that she is excited to play at the Tokyo Olympics.