Simone Biles Calls Out Former Teammate MyKayla Skinner’s For Comments About ‘Work Ethic’ Ahead of Olympics

MyKayla Skinner has issued a formal apology for her comments criticizing the work ethic of current Team USA gymnasts, acknowledging the emotional and verbal abuse she allegedly endured under former coach Márta Károlyi. 

Skinner criticized Suni Lee, Jade Carey, Jordan Chiles, and Hezly Rivera, who will represent Team USA with Simone Biles in Paris. “Besides Simone, I feel like the talent and the depth just isn’t like what it used to be,” MyKayla said in a video posted on social media.

“The girls just don’t have the work ethic,” she continued, going on to reference the U.S. Center for SafeSport, a nonprofit organization helping to end abuse in athletics. “And it’s hard too because of SafeSport. Like, coaches can’t get on athletes and they have to be really careful what they say.”

“Which, in some ways, is really good, but at the same time, to get to where you need to be in gymnastics you do have to be, I feel like, a little aggressive and a little intense,” Skinner said.

Skinner later deleted the video. Simone Biles seemed to respond with a cryptic post on Threads: “Not everyone needs a mic and a platform.”