St Lunatics Ali: “I Will Never Perform With Nelly Again”

St.Lunatics member Ali has vowed never to perform with Nelly again. 

He made the declaration as his battle with Nelly allegedly owing him money.  According to an interview on VladTV, Ali claims Nelly would go months without paying him. “I’ll say it could be $90,000 or $70,000,” estimated Ali. 

Ali went on to say that Nelly “has no real raw good intentions for others. Not for us, and we’ve all sat together and searched hard to try to find a time that didn’t benefit him.” 

Although Ali was ready to fight for the Hot In Heere rapper; when a local promoter brought then ex-girlfriend singer Ashanti to perform in Saint Louis. “A tiger ain’t never gon’ change his stripes,” he said. “I watched it for 20 years and I’m the butt of the joke because it took me 20 years to realize it. I could put a never, ever behind it will I ever hit the stage or do anything with him.”