Todd Tucker Sends Social Media Into a Frenzy After Declaring Kandi the Queen of ‘RHOA’

If your significant other doesn’t ‘ride out’ for you, do they really love you? Todd Tucker definitely rode out for his wife, Real Housewife of Atlanta OG, Kandi Burruss when he said she is the Queen of the franchise. This past Sunday’s episode took a few hard shots at Todd. Kandi had her husband on her YouTube series, Speak On It and asked him how he felt about the episode. When they talk about you I’m like–you’re the Queen. They have to go for the throne. Like, this is your show. I don’t care what nobody says, it’s yours, it’s been yours and you’ve been on it the longest. You’ve used the platform for what it’s for and people see that and they want that. Do you agree or disagree with Todd’s assessment?