{TRAILER} ‘Mufasa: The Lion King’ Director Explains Why Casting Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter ‘Absolutely Worked’

Director Barry Jenkins explains why casting Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter in “Mufasa: The Lion King” was a perfect choice, highlighting the mother-daughter dynamic between the two stars.

The film, set for release on Dec. 20, serves as a time capsule for Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, capturing a special moment in their lives. Jenkins praises Beyoncé’s commitment to the role of Nala and the significance of her connection to African culture.

Additionally, he commends Blue Ivy’s voice work as Kiara, emphasizing how her voice perfectly embodies the character.

The director also hints at the film’s musical contributions, including original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and the involvement of Beyoncé, keeping details under wraps to avoid spoilers.

This is a different take on the world of remakes and reboots, fans seem to be curious about how far this movie will explore the details of the relationship between brothers Mufasa and Scar.