Tyra Banks ModelLand Theme Park: Tickets for $1,425

Contributed by Amber Cooper

Tyra Banks has officially launched a theme park that is bringing modeling back to life. Tickets to the ModelLand theme park officially went on sale this Monday with some pricey options. 

According to lovebscott.com, the theme park is “located at Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, California, the 21,000-square-foot destination will allow guests to experience ‘the ultimate modeling fantasy.’”

Banks’ mission, as stated on the official website, “is to bring modeling to the masses in ways beyond what I did with America’s Next Top Model. I want to redefine what a model and modeling means.” Banks began America’s Next Top Model, a modeling competition show, in 2003. 

General access, Fantascene Photoshoot and Fantascene Dream are the three available options for purchase. General access starts at $59 and includes “Your very own personalized digital lookbook – customized with phierce photos of you, access to shop the many ModelLand experiential closets” and more, according to the website

However, the most expensive ticket, Fantascene Dream, is listed at $1,495. This access includes “The Ultimate Concierge service, additional wardrobe changes, additional high-fashion photographs, model goodies gift bag, curated by Tyra and much more.”

Banks is currently promoting ModelLand across all social platforms and the attraction is set to officially open on May 1st.