Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Addresses ‘Gold Digger’ Rumors

Contributed by Lauren Taylor 

After being divorced for nearly 12 years, Tameka Foster still has to speak on rumors sparked because of her marriage to singer-songwriter Usher Raymond.

Foster appeared on the talk show “The Real” to promote her book “Here I Stand.” On the show she addressed rumors of her being the reason that Usher and TLC Member Chili broke up in 2003.

She received extreme criticism for the relationship, even from Usher’s own mother. The singer appeared on Oprah in 2012 explaining that his mother didn’t want to attend the wedding.

Foster opens up that she feels as though Usher didn’t receive enough credit for not marrying Chili and the blame was simply on her.

Referring to the rumors, she said, “They’ve had it all wrong. They just didn’t know who I was and they kind of didn’t give him enough credit to know that he didn’t marry that person, ya know.”

She believed the same people who were talking about her were people who looked like her, and those should have been the people supporting her.

During the video, she says, “The biggest critics and the people that were the most negative were either bloggers or the people that were just like me.”

The two divorced in 2009 due to irreconcilable differences.