Howard Student Tamia Thompson Receives White House Presidential Service Award

Howard student, Tamia Thompson, receives award from The White House for her community service.

Contributed by Lauren Taylor

After contributing over 176 hours of community service, Tamia Thompson receives the 2021 White House Presidential Service Award. 

She is a Howard University College of Arts and Sciences sophomore who puts in hours of work at several non-profit organizations like Whatsoever Is Good Inc., and the Zero Debt College Project. According to Howard Newsroom, Thompson also aides in one-on-one mentoring for 10-year-olds through college-aged students. This mentoring includes scholarship essay writing and scholarship strategy advice.

Monique Thompson, Ph.D., founder of Whatsoever is Good Inc., and the Zero Debt College Project says Tamia Thompson is their top leader and mentor.

“She helps others learn credible information about scholarships and dispel myths about needing to graduate top of their class or with perfect grades to avoid student loans.” The founder describes Tamia as a student who always does what is necessary. 

Tamia Thompson is from Dallas, Texas and majors in political science, minors in philosophy. What’s after undergrad for Tamia? She plans on becoming a civil rights attorney after attending law school. 

Thompson is also a published author. She released her book Thirteen in 2017 and is an executive director and co-founder of the Zero Debt College Project. She also managed two campaigns, one for the school board of trustees and the other being a mayoral campaign in Little Elm, Texas. 

In succeeding with both campaigns, Little Elm received their first Black mayor, and the Little Elm School District elected its first Black woman on the board of Trustees. 

Thompson says philanthropy is a huge part of her life. “Giving back to the community and advocating for marginalized groups are core values of mine.” She is also a member of the Model United Nations team and the NAACP.