Do You Care About Age When Dating?

“As long as the thang is still thangin!” – You’ll have to watch to see who said this quote!

Ladies’ Night is always lit. We were “three” this week, with Autumn, Coka-Lani, and myself (Angela)


As always, the conversation was driven by current events, along with what’s going on within our own individual platforms. Autumn kicked off Women’s History Month. Coka-Lani got us all excited about her D’Angela Face-Off!

Of course, I’m always bringing the Pillow Talk. We talked about Lionel Richie’s 30 year old girlfriend. He’s 70, by the way. So, we talked about our personal age preferences when dating.

All I can say is, wait until you hear what one of the ladies say about her younger days as a Sugar Baby! LOL! I’m still laughing about that!