Even Glenn Close Knows the Importance of GO GO

Go Go is ever evolving and is here to stay.

When I think of EU’s Da Butt, Taste of Your Love, and many more of their hits, I’m hitting the dance floor. Even if it’s right in my own living room. So, imagine my surprise when I sat down to chat with the calm, Christ loving, oh so cool, founding father of EU, Sugar Bear.

I wasn’t expecting him to be so humble. He gushed about how thrilled he was when he got word of what was happening with Glenn Close at the Oscars. He said “What a worldwide platform! They were talking about DC, EU, and Sugar Bear at the Oscars!. That’s huge!”

He’s right! EU is celebrating close to five decades of serious Go Go music. It’s the signature sound of Washington, DC. and is showing no signs of stopping.