Wyclef: ‘When You See What We’ve Seen, It Shifts Your Perspective…’

“It’s time for people to take Black Friday to another level, and support black businesses like never before!” – Wyclef Jean

When we caught up with Clef, he was in his cousin’s recording studio in NYC working on some new music. Can’t wait. But first, we’ll see him, and his beautiful fashionista wife, on television. On November 28th, on OWN TV, Wyclef and Claudinette Jean are featured on the new series, Behind Every Man.

After just a few minutes of speaking with this power couple, it became very obvious that they are Soul Mates. Lovers, and best friends. Hearing their love story was so touching.

But, what moved everyone the most, was hearing them talk about going home to Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. They saw things that no human should ever see. Wyclef told the story of watching his wife work as hard as he did, caring for sick people. Carrying many dead bodies. Doing whatever was needed to help the victims of the hurricane. They haven’t stopped. Claudinette and Wyclef go back to help the people in Haiti almost monthly.

Like they said, when you see what they’ve seen, it shifts your perspective on EVERYTHING!