How To Make The Most Out Of This Time In Quarantine

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In this edition of HUR@HOME Inspiration I talked with Vashti Murphy McKenzie and Candi Staton. Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie was the first woman in the 220-year history of the African American Episcopal Church to be elected and consecrated as Bishop. Huffington Post named her one of the 50 most powerful female religious leaders in the world.
Dr. McKenzie talked about motherhood and parenting amid the corona virus, what young people should be doing to prepare for the future, and how the church should better position itself after the pandemic. Dr. McKenzie is a member of the Murphy family who launched and still run the Afro-American newspaper. It was expected that she would excel in communications.

When asked about the shooting death of Georgia jogger Ahmaud Arbery and the arrest of white vigilantes, Dr. McKenzie advised us to continue to stay focused and strong in the fight for social justice. She also advised those who want to run for office to acknowledge the power of the Black vote, particularly Black women, and recognize the plight of the poor and disadvantaged, no matter what color.

Eighty-year old Candi Staton is a legend in Gospel, Soul, R&B, House, and Disco music. She toured with the Soul Stirrers, Rev. C.L. Franklin, and Mahalia Jackson with the Jewell Gospel Trio when she was 12. She later became the “First Lady of Southern Soul” and then a Disco hit-maker with songs like “Young Hearts Run Free” and “Victim.”

Ms. Staton was married six times and was a victim of spousal abuse. She advised women not to make the same mistakes she made. Know the character of the man before you marry him. Candi also talked about how she conquered breast cancer and shared memories of the late Little Richard and Betty Wright (“Clean Up Woman) who died recently.

In recent years, Candi Staton has been recording Gospel music and touring with secular artists. If it had not been canceled because of the corona virus, she would be on shows with Paul McCartney and Diana Ross and in the Chicago Blues Festival. Candi does not regret the cancellations because she believes in God and His purpose and that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.