Choppin’ It Up with Singer Marques Houston, Director Chris Stokes, and Chrissy

Marques Houston said “LOVE is the only thing that matters!”

Newlywed Marques Houston was all smiles, as he talked about finding real love. He tied the knot just three weeks ago and is still gushing about how blessed he is to have real love in his life! He’s exercising his script writing and acting chops too. Marcus joined forces with his former manager turned movie director, Chris Stokes, to form his own production company Footage Films.

Stokes joined the conversation, to tell us about their new film, Trigger. He also encouraged aspiring writers and actors to reach out. They’re hiring. Watch the interview for all the details.

The beautiful, and very talented singer, actor, Chrissy Stokes, joined in, to talk about her love for music, acting, and being a creative person. In the end, they all wished their fans blessings, perfect health, and love!