9 Ways For Singles To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Brooks Welch

What did Whitney say? “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” If you’re happily, bitterly, or couldn’t-care-less-ly single this Valentine’s Day, here’s a few ways to spend the day. 

9 Ways For Singles To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

1. Galentine’s Day

A fun go to that’s guaranteed to be a blast with your girlfriends. There’s something about sweet, sparkling drinks with cookies and therapeutic conversations that always refresh your soul.

2. Dive into Black History

Sure, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. But, it’s also the 14th day of Black History Month. Choose your area of passion (i.e. film, music, science, or sports) and learn more about it. Watch a documentary or a classic Black film. Listen to the obscure, deep cuts of a new Black artist. Spend the day feeling Black and proud.

3. Have a day of firsts

Have you ever tried Pho? What about pottery making? Did you see the new art exhibit at your local museum? If you answered no to all of these, it sounds like an opportunity for an adventurous day.  

4. Have a day of favorites

Where do you like to be? What music do you love listening to? What food are you craving? What is your comfort movie? Knowing what you love and what you’re not a fan of solidifies your individuality. Do you know yourself well enough to spend the whole day smiling?

5. Be a hopeless romantic

This is for the singles who would rather be in a relationship – no judgment here. How does your dream partner dress? What movie scenes do you want to recreate with them? Church or outdoor venue for the wedding? Have a blast daydreaming and pinning white dresses to your Pinterest board.

6. Deep clean your space

Your space is often a reflection of your mental health. Where can you tidy up some clutter? Does the shirt you never wear really “spark joy?” Turn on Tidying Up With Marie Kondo or The Home Edit on Netflix and do some early spring cleaning. Taking care of what you have shows gratitude.

7. Work on a passion project

What do you wish existed in the world? Get started on making it a reality! Don’t let thoughts of self doubt keep you from seeing your dream come true. It’s absolutely possible. If you spend the day working on your passion, you’ll get lost in your zone of genius and get a boost of optimism for your future. 

8. Get clear on your goals

If the idea of goal-setting sounds daunting to you ever since March 2020 (the shock of COVID-19’s impact), you’re not alone. However, if you walk without a sense of direction, you’ll end up in circles. If setting goals for the year or next 5 years is overwhelming, what would you like to achieve in March. You can do it.

9. Treat it like any other day

This is for the singles who couldn’t care less. You have your routine, you know what you do on any other Monday and you’re sticking to it… you might have one piece of chocolate, though. 

Whether you plan to be a hopeless romantic, Black historian, or exactly who you are any day, we at WHUR wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!