5 Ways To Protect Yourself While Staying At An Airbnb

Contributed by Ciana Moore

Airbnbs are becoming increasingly popular as we’re traveling for the summer and trying to cut costs by avoiding expensive hotel prices. Airbnb reports over 150 million people have used Airbnb and an average of 2 million people book an Airbnb each day. Here are some tips to staying safe during your Airbnb stay.

1. Stay WITH someone you know and trust

Avoid staying in Airbnbs alone. This is very common practice for Airbnb guests. Staying with a friend or loved one will help you feel safer in a new environment.

2. Read the reviews first

Every Airbnb host has reviews as well as a rating on how good of a host they are overall. Avoid staying in Airbnbs that don’t have many reviews or a low rating. Ratings are on a scale of 0-5 stars, with 5 being the best.

3. Document everything and take plenty of pictures

When you arrive to check in, let someone else know at the time you arrive. If you experience any issues with your Airbnb host, record the situation and report it to Airbnb or call for help if the situation escalates.

4. Communicate with your host exclusively on the Airbnb platform

Airbnb offers a messaging feature on their site, which allows you to message your host instantly. You can use this tool to ask any questions you need and inform them of your travel plans. This also helps you avoid providing your personal contact information to your host.

5. Do a safety check

Upon arriving to your Airbnb, make sure you know where all exits are, as well as the emergency equipment such as the first aid kit.