Would You Consider Changing The Mac-N-Cheese Recipe? Adding This Unexpected Spice Could Change The Game At The Dinner Table

According to Suggest adding this spice to the staple piece could give your mac-n-cheese a new spin.

This year, take everyone’s favorite dish up a notch with nutmeg.  It only takes a little, about an eighth of a teaspoon. The seasoning foundation for béchamel sauce is nutmeg. That is the creamy, thick white sauce that serves as the foundation for various sauces, including the classic mac and cheese sauce.

Classic béchamel sauce includes butter, flour, milk, nutmeg, and salt. You can find the complete recipe here.

If you’ve never used nutmeg and too afraid to try something new, maybe add this dish for a regular dinner menu. This way you can have the taste to perfection by the time a major holiday comes up.

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