Another Tanker Truck Crashes On The Beltway, Board Of Elections Rejects Recall Effort Against Evans

Another Tanker Truck Crash. Board Of Elections Rejects Recall Effort Against Evans. Hamilton Hosting Auditions In DC.

Another Tanker Truck Crashes On The Beltway

It has happened again. Another tanker truck crash on the beltway in Virginia.  The tanker overturned on the outer loop of the 495 at Van Dorn Street in Alexandria and caught fire.  The beltway inner and outer loops are closed.  Six days ago a tanker truck overturned… shutting down the beltway for more than 12 hours.

Board Of Elections Rejects Recall Effort Against Evans

(Washington, DC) — The DC Board of Elections is rejecting a recall effort against DC Councilmember Jack Evans due to a technical mistake made by recall supporters. The three-member board declined to issue a petition to collect signatures to open the recall process against Evans yesterday. The attempt to boot Evans comes as he is facing a federal investigation over allegations he used his government post to solicit clients for his private consulting business. Evans’ attorney argued that the necessary paperwork had not been filed with the Office of Campaign Finance.

Hamilton Hosting Auditions In DC

(Washington, DC) — The Broadway hip-hop musical “Hamilton” is hosting auditions in DC. Casting office Telsey and Company began holding auditions this week for singers and rappers in the District for upcoming shows. Those interested in auditioning can send a photo and resume to Casting-at-Hamilton-Broadway-dot-com. The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced last week that the popular Broadway show will be returning to DC for the second time next year. Shows will begin on June 16th, 2020, and will run until September 20th.