Autopsy Shows Rayshard Brooks Shot Twice In the Back

(Sunday, June 14, 2020) – The Fulton County, Georgia Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled the death of Rayshard Brooks as a homicide and shows he was shot twice in the back.

Brooks is the latest black man, whose death at the hands of police, has touched off protests in the streets of Atlanta and elsewhere.  Brooks was shot Friday night outside a Wendy’s after  being approached by officers for sleeping inside his car at the fast food.  Much of the incident was caught on video.  It shows, as officers tried to place Brooks under arrest for suspected driving under the influence, some kind of scuffle occurred.  The camera also shows Brooks getting hold of one of the officer’s tasers and may have fired the taser at the officers as he ran away.

One officer then fatally shot the 27-year-old father of four.  The officer, Garrett Rolfe,  has been fired.  A second officer, Devin Brosnan, has been placed on administrative leave.  Rolf, the officer who fatally shot Brooks, could face murder charges.  GBI has launched an investigation.

The shooting has touched off more protests in and around Atlanta.  The Wendy’s where the shooting took place was set on-fire Saturday.  Meantime, the police chief of Atlanta, Erika Shields, has stepped down in the midst of the