Biden: Get Ready For Hurricane Season

(Washington, DC) — President Biden is advising vulnerable regions to get ready for hurricane season, which officially starts on June 1st. Visiting FEMA headquarters in DC, Biden also warned about expected wildfires in the West. He said he’s insisting on “readiness for all these challenges.” Biden vowed to spare no expense in getting prepared. He praised the men and women of FEMA and said they have incredibly difficult jobs. Biden noted that extreme weather events and natural disasters don’t care about red states or blue states.

The Biden administration is designating one-billion dollars for states, targeted communities and Tribal governments to help prepare for extreme weather events. A White House statement says administration is also unveiling development of “next generation climate data systems at NASA to help understand and track how climate change is impacting communities.” The statement notes that the U.S. experienced a record year of extreme weather events in 2020.