Computers For Prince George’s County Students

Computers are now available to students in Prince George’s County who need them while the county school system is using distance learning.

Most of the schools in the metropolitan area have closed due to coronavirus concerns.
That creates a problem if a school system is using distant learning and some students have no computer at home. If you are one of those families in Prince George’s County, there is help.  The county began issuing Chromebooks and laptops Wednesday to families in need as the school system prepares to go online with distant learning April 14th.  Computers will be distributed until Friday, April 3rd, from 10 am to 1 p.m. in the parking lots of students’ boundary schools. Families are instructed to bring a parent’s ID, a student’s report card and a pen. Officials are asking parents not to request a laptop or Chromebook if they have a computer that their child can use. The county is also helping families with school aged children receive internet service in their homes.