Coronavirus Pop-Up Shop Opens in DC

Contributed by Tanyia Foster 

While just about everyone is panicking over the CoronavirusAdilisha Patrom has found a way to help them stay protected, and make profit; by opening a Coronavirus pop-up shop in Washington, D.C,.

Adilsha Patrom is a graduate of Howard University, and owner of Galaxy 5000. She decided to turn the empty store front next door to her business, into the location for a Coronavirus pop-up shop. She placed an advertisement outside that says, “limited stock protective face mask.”


The pop-up shop sells the most common things you would be looking for to protect yourself against the virus. Hand sanitizer, gloves and face mask  which have been especially hard to get your hands on since the outbreak has grown.

WAMU reports, the pop-up shop was inspired by Patrom’s personal experience with her ill father.

“My dad was diagnosed with cancer back in November. Since then, his doctors have educated us on the importance of face masks, and the different type of face masks, because we were doing it all wrong,” she says. “That just burst in me… what can I do to help people in the community that may not have the resources to go online as well if stores are sold out, where can they go locally?”

When it came to using face mask as precaution against the Coronavirus, Patrom says she stocked up after studying what was most in need in China. A distributor in New York provided her with 2,000 surgical masks, and she ordered a large supply of other products online from Dollar Tree, according to the Washingtonian.

People are being encouraged to follow safety measures given by the CDC, but if you need a little extra protection, the Coronavirus Pop-up Shop is located  at 1002B Florida Avenue, Northeast, in Washington, D.C.