DC Bracing for More Protests Tonight

Washington, D.C. (Sunday, May 31, 2020) – DC Mayor Muriel Bower and Police Chief Peter Newsham have just wrapped up a press conference on last night’s protests and violence.  Mayor Bowser says while they anticipate more protests tonight, she is not planning to impose a curfew.  But holds open the option of calling up the National Guard for help.  11 DC police officers were injured last night, including one seriously.  17 arrests were made with over half of those in custody living outside of DC.  Chief Newsham says 29 DC police cars were damaged or spray painted, numerous buildings were vandalized or looted, and multiple fires were set across the city.  Much of the unrest was reported near the White House across the street in Lafayette Square and in the nearby business District.

“We certainly recognize and empathize with outrage that people feel  following the killing in Minneapolis last week.  We also recognize that we are proud of our city and we don’t want our city destroyed,” Bowser said.  Police say they will be out tonight keeping the city safe.  But Chief Newsham would not disclose any set plans.  “We will have sufficient Metropolitan Police Department resources to manage this,” said Newham.  “We are hoping for the best while preparing for the worst.”