DC Police Ordered to Document Race Of Every Person They Stop

Starting in August Metropolitan Police will have document every person they stop.  A ruling following a lawsuit filed by local advocacy groups promoted the controversial change to address racial profiling on African Americans.

The lawsuit filed by activists like Eugene Puryear of Stop Police Terror Project DC stated that D.C. police have failed to document the race of individuals they stop which is not in agreement with the NEAR ACT. The NEAR ACT makes it mandatory for police officers to collect data that is race-based in efforts to keep an eye on racial profiling in the District.

The DC Council passed the law in 2016 as a step toward transparency. According to the law, police are suppose to not only track the race of the individual stopped, but also make note of the location as well. The person stopped by D.C. does not have to be charged with a violation for them to record their information.

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