DC’s AG Is Suing 16 MD/VA Parents For School Residency Fraud

The District of Columbia’s Attorney General Karl A.Racine is back on the hunt for school violators. He has identified 16 parents in either Maryland or Virginia that he says gave a false address so their child/children could attend public school in the city for free.

Racine is seeking almost 3 million dollars in back tuition and penalties for the residency fraud. The accused violators include a Metropolitan police officer and five past or current federal government workers.

The announcement was made last Thursday. Racine says it’s apart of his two year pursuit of families he says it taking away seats for qualified DC residents. In a statement he said. “These lawsuits should remind non-DC residents that there are consequences for breaking the rules to avoid paying nonresident tuition.”

Tuition for non residents ranges from $10,000 to $14,000 a year. By law the city can charge three times the unpaid tuition.

The DC police officer named in the suit along with his wife are being sued for $775,733. The papers state Edward Smith and Rayna Bailey-Smith of Maryland sent four of their children to DC public schools for a decade. Also named was a former teacher LaShana Shubert of Brandywine, Lynette Broadus and Kevin Tolson who lived in either Maryland or Virginia at the time, Amanda Turner of Tokoma Park, Md and LaFonta Dublin of Capitol Height, Md. Marcus Silver and his wife Marva who live in Hyattsville, Md are being sued for $27,000 for sending their daughter to middle school in the city.

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