FBI Director Testifies About Capitol Attack

FBI Chief Labels Capitol Attack An Act Of Domestic Terrorism

(Washington, DC)  —  The deadly January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol was an act of domestic terrorism.  So said FBI Director Chris Wray during a Senate hearing.  Wray testified that domestic terrorism has been brewing for years and remains a top priority for the FBI.  Wray said hundreds of suspects have been identified in a wide-ranging, ongoing investigation of the January 6th attack.  Wray noted that threats of racially-motivated violence by white supremacists have skyrocketed.  He also expressed concerns about threats of violence against law enforcement officials.

FBI Director Christopher Wray

Capitol Police were quickly overwhelmed by a huge mob of angry Trump supporters as Congress met to certify the results of the presidential election.  Wray said he has seen no evidence that the Capitol attack was provoked by fake Trump protesters.  He also noted no evidence of involvement by Antifa.  Wray confirmed the existence of an FBI threat assessment of a possible large-scale attack at the Capitol before January 6th.  He called it raw and unverified.  Wray insisted it was shared with Capitol Police.  However, Capitol security officials have testified that they did not see the FBI threat alert.  They blamed faulty intelligence for the lack of preparedness.