Fewer People Giving Blood Causes Emergency Shortage

Washington, D.C. (Monday, January 8, 2024) – The American Red Cross is sounding the alarm about a critical blood shortage that is impacting the DMV and the rest of the country. The Red Cross says it is experiencing an emergency blood shortage as the nation faces the lowest number of people giving blood in two decades.

The Red Cross is urging blood and platelet donors to make a donation appointment to help alleviate the shortages thereby ensuring lifesaving medical procedures are not put on hold. “Small changes in blood donor turnout can have a huge impact on the availability or blood products and dramatic consequences for those in need of an emergency blood transfusion,” said Dr. Eric Gehrie, executive physician director for the Red Cross.

January is National Blood Donor Month. To make an appointment, visit RedCrossBlood.org or call 1-800-RED-CROSS

Woman giving blood