Las Vegas Raiders Cut Ties With Cornerback Damon Arnette After Threatening Video

Contributed by Lauren Taylor 

Las Vegas Raiders waived their Cornerback Damon Arnette. This is the second time in two weeks, that the Raiders have had to split with first-round draft picks for off-the-field incidents.

According to CBS, general manager Mike Mayock announced monday that a video of Damon Arnette threatening to kill someone while holding a gun went viral over the weekend and this is the reason for his release.

“The content [of the video] was unacceptable, contrary to our values, and our owner, Mark Davis, has been very clear and very consistent that this is not how we will conduct ourselves in this community,” Mayock said during a press conference Monday. “The bottom line: The Raiders will not tolerate this type of behavior.”

Apparently there was previous concern over Arnette’s character prior to him being drafted from Ohio state. Mayock added, “We found the risk acceptable after doing more homework on Arnette than anybody we’ve done in the years I’ve been here, and obviously, we missed. And that is 100 percent on me,” CNN reported.

The 25-year-old Arnette, appeared to be recording himself in the video, speaking into the camera while reapeadetly threatening to kill someone who seemingly indicated that they were five minutes away from his location. He did so while brandishing a gun and warning the person that he was not alone and that he had “a whole army.”

Arnette was the 19th pick in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft, he was selected by the Raiders and has played a total of 13 games for the team.

As previously reported by WHUR, this is following the recent cut of former Las Vegas Raider Henry Ruggs 111. Who was cut due to his arrest after his involvement in a car crash, that led to the death of Tina Tintor.

“We just lost Ruggs and Arnette, our two first-round picks, in the period of seven days,” said Mayock. “Am I sick to my stomach right now on a lot of levels? Yes.”