Naomi Campbell Boards Flight Wearing Hazmat Suit

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has recently went viral again for taking extra precautionary measures against germs.

According to CNN, she was spotted in LAX wearing a full hazmat suit covered in a camel cape along with pink latex gloves and N95 mask. Campbell posted a photo on Instagram with her coronavirus-fighting outfit, captioned “Safety First NEXT LEVEL”:

Campbell’s germaphobic behavior was first shown in last year’s viral video of her cleaning “anything that you could possibly touch.”

She was shown wiping her seat, seat belt, tray table, TV screen, remote control and window followed by placing a mask on her face for the duration of the flight. Although Campbell’s behavior seemed bizarre at the time, coronavirus has forced fearful people to think of the most creative ways to protect themselves.

On Fox13 News, Memphis adults were seen taking extra measures against coronavirus at Treadwell Middle School, including one woman wearing plastic bags from head to toe as well as one man spraying a student with what appeared to be a disinfectant spray:

Although these methods probably seem reasonable due to the chaos of the coronavirus spreading, the Center of Disease Control simply suggests that people wash their hands often, wear a face mask if they are sick, avoid close contact to others, cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or inside of their elbow, and clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Hazmat suits, trash bag suits, and excessive amounts of Lysol are not necessary.