New Fence at Lafayette Park Keep Protesters and Police Apart

Things remain peaceful near White House Tuesday night as police seem to allow protesters to violate the 7pm curfew.

Washington, D.C. (Tuesday, June 2, 2020) – More than 3 hours into the District’s 7pm imposed curfew, thousands can be seen ignoring the order and holding firm in their determination to raise their voice against police brutality.

It’s a much different night at Lafayette Park where protesters are shouting at police through a newly erected black chain-linked fence.  At the time this story is posted, tonight’s demonstrations have been relatively peaceful with no police skirmishes and only one arrest.

Several protesters like Kimberly Minor from Suitland say they are not concerned about the curfew.  “We believe we have a right and most importantly a duty to stand up against police killing of black people.  We will not allow George Floyd’s death be in vain,” said Minor.

Monday night the story was completely different.  Police arrested 300 people, most charged with violating the curfew.  Stores with looted and vandalized.  Several officers were also injured Monday.  It appears tonight that police seem content to allow the violation and the protesters seem to be ok with staying put.