New Report Finds More Than 5,000 DC Students Are Homeless

It’s shocking to many. In the Nations Capitol, there are 5,593 students who attend the traditional public or charter school that are homeless. This number is from a report based on the 2018-2019 school year. It’s up from the 3,077 in 2014.

Now the District has seen a decrease in homelessness every year for the last three years. However, this study shows a trend of students being homeless has increased. These students are without a permanent place to time. Many of them going from one home to another or some living a short period in a shelter.

There is help for those who know or seek it. The District has trained liaison to assist students who meet the federal definition for homelessness. This allows the city to provide access to the Summer Bridge program as well as other support. The “Summer Bridge” program allows students to attend an educational program at American University. Participants get a laptop, bedding for their dorm bed, cleaning supplies and an alarm clock. This year the District has spent more than $100,000 sending homeless students to AU.

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