Potholes Are Wreaking Havoc On Drivers In the DMV

Washington, D.C. (Thursday, February 7, 2019) – “Whaam!” That’s the ear-shattering, gut-wrenching sound of a tire hitting a great big old pothole on area roads. It is one reason calls for flat tires, tire changes and tire-related tows are surging to the 24/7 emergency roadside assistance switchboard at AAA Mid-Atlantic. A tire punctured or ruined by a pothole can be really bad news.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says this time of year, potholes are a major factor behind the pandemic of punctured tires on area roadways. Perennially, battery failures, flat tires and key locked inside the vehicle are the topmost reasons for requesting emergency roadside assistance. 

According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, motorists file about 500,000 auto insurance claims each year for pothole damage. “Potholes cause a variety of woes for motorists. Potholes also drain the pocketbooks and wallets of the vehicle owner. The ravages of hitting a pothole can cost you a pretty penny. Face it, repairing pothole-damaged tires will set you back $100 to $250, the wheel alignment will cost you $75-150,” said Kendall Bramble, Insurance Counselor, AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance. “The expense of replacing the damaged tire rod ranges from $100 to $240. But replacing that control arm is even more expensive, with the price tab ranging from $200-$400. That is also the average bill for replacing the shocks and struts.”

The moderate weather and mild temperatures outside this week mean area road crews are out repairing and patching potholes.  If you happen to encounter one of those nasty potholes, dial 311 or 211 for your local jurisdiction to report the problem to your city/county/state government.

Damage from potholes on Virginia state roads are handled by VDOT.  The customer service number is 1-800-367-7623.

Damage from potholes on Maryland roads are handled by the Claims Department at the Maryland Treasurer’s office 410-260-7684

Claims for pothole damage on DC Streets are filed with the Office of Risk Management 202-727-8600