Pres. Biden Meets with Family of George Floyd

(Washington, DC) — Members of George Floyd’s family are thanking President Biden and Vice President Harris for meeting with them in the Oval Office. The private meeting marked the one year anniversary of Floyd’s death. George Floyd was an unarmed Black man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis. Speaking outside the White House, family attorney Ben Crump said the President expressed an interest in signing a sweeping police reform bill as soon as possible. George Floyd’s nephew Brandon Williams said the President wants it to be the “right bill.”

George Floyd’s brother Philonise said federal laws should protect people of color. His brother Rodney noted the President expressed great concern for the family. George Floyd’s death sparked nationwide protests and calls for police reforms. A reform bill that’s being negotiated in the Senate is named for George Floyd. Crump said he hopes the end result is a meaningful and bipartisan bill.