Prince George’s County Officials Want Drivers to Focus

  • Palmer Park, Maryland (Monday, April 15, 2019) – Prince George’s County officials say too many people are being injured and killed on the roadways because drivers are simply doing far more than driving behind the wheel.  County Executive Angela Alsobrooks was joined today at a 12:30pm news conference at police headquarters by Police Chief Hank Stawinski and County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy.  The trio called on drivers to focus and stop the distractions.  From driving impaired to texting while driving, motorists are causing mayhem on the roadways in the county.    The county police set up stop points today catching drivers in the act of being distracted while driving.  “It was really notable that all of the people we stopped today felt they were doing something that was a matter of a second,” said Alsobrooks.  The excuses from motorists varied.  Some said they were just taking a second to call their office or just taking a second to pick up the phone instead of using the hands-free devices.  “Well it only takes a second for an awful tragedy to occur.  And we have seen this time and time again,” added Alsobrooks.

The message today is “please take a moment and wear that seatbelt.  Don’t take a moment to respond to that device.  There’s nothing on that device that is so important as your safety or the safety of other people traveling on our roadway. ” said Stawinski.  Police have been able to bring the traffic fatalities down over the past several years.  But still the numbers are grossly too high.  Last year, there were 49 traffic deaths in the county, including three children who died on Indian Head Highway, called the most dangerous road in the state.

Today’s press conference comes just days before a new campaign is set to be kicked off in the county by State’s Attorney Braveyboy.  It’s called “Drive Focused, Sober & Safe.”  The campaign will be launched Saturday, April 27th from 9:30am to 1pm at the Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex at 7007 Bock Road – Oxon Hill, MD 20744.