Supreme Court Rules Redrawn Virginia Map Will Be Used

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that residents in Virginia will use the map redrawn following claims of gerrymandering. The new map is widely seen as benefiting Democrats.

It’s a big blow to the GOP because as it stands now Republicans control the House of Representatives with a slim majority. The Commonwealth is just one of only a few states were Democrats actually have a chance of flipping control of both the House and Senate.

This all came about after Republicans in 2011 drew up a map based on the last census. It has been used for four elections since then. In 2014, Democratic voters sued saying Republicans put black voters into certain areas to make other areas whiter to benefit Republicans.

Last year a lower court ruled 2 -1 that the previous map created improperly make race a factor in 11 of 100 House districts. Lawmakers could not reach an agreement on a redistricting map so the lower courts stepped in and chose a map from a number that had been submitted to them by a special team.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring called in a victory for democracy in the Commonwealth. Republicans leaders say they are disappointed by the ruling.

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