Getting Home Alive After Encounters With Police

We take a hard look at encounters with police for people of color.

Imagine this… you’re driving.  You see the red and blue lights in your rear view mirror.  You’re being pulled over by a police officer.  As you slow your car down… your heart rate speeds up.   You feel the light sheen of perspiration and you wonder… what have I done? You are uncertain, nervous, scared.  You ask yourself what’s next and will you make it home alive?  You don’t have to imagine that.  We’re not being overly dramatic.  There are too many high-profile examples in the news right now.  We take a hard look at this scenario and the broader issues for people of color and their encounters with police.

Jonni Reddick, Retired Assistant Chief, California Highway Patrol

Dr. Jeff Menzise, Lead Consultant, Mind On The Matter