Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial’s ‘Rise and Remember’ Event Cancelled

Only a few days before the “Rise and Remember” event to commemorate the anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre, the committee has announced the event has been postponed due to potential white supremacist attacks.  The event was to feature appearances from Stacey Abrams, John Legend, and President Joe Biden.  The Department of Homeland Security hasn’t seen any “credible threats,” but says the current Homeland threat environment remains “heightened.”  This year’s event is in its 100th year and is to be postponed; those with tickets will be notified when the event is rescheduled. The area of Tulsa known as “Black Wall Street” was targeted when white supremacists raided the area and killed up to 300 people.  Do you think the state or federal government should do more to protect people who want to attend the “Rise and Remember” event?