Waka Flocka And Jesse Jackson Honored with Professor Degree

Waka Flocka celebrated his 36th birthday by receiving an honorary professor degree from the Bible Institute of America.

He stood alongside Reverend Jesse Jackson to receive the degree in Humanitarianism and Philanthropy at the Rainbow Push Headquarters in Chicago.

Since his brother’s death in 2013, Waka has been on a mission to spread positivity, donating to charities and supporting a vegan lifestyle by posing naked for PETA. He shared a photo on Instagram saying, “I remember at 26 i made a promise to God to stop taking xpills, stop drinking lean and start cleaning out my heart 10 yrs later i’m 36 with degrees, a daughter , financially free, and a lot of people that look up to me shawty i’m beyond grateful…. i been preparing my whole life for what’s about to happen 🙏🏾 THANK YOU FATHER GOD”

If you were honored with a degree, what would it be for?