50 Cent Slams Gun Company For Selling Guns Covered with Legos

50 Cent is irritated about the new gun created that looks like a toy.

50 Cent had time today!!  Artist/Producer/Entrepreneur 50 Cent recently spoke out against the gun company Culper Precision for creating Lego-Covered Guns.  50 Cent is highly irritated after learning the gun company is selling guns that look like Lego blocks.  “This is not ok, cops will start shooting little kids playing in the park,” said 50 a recent Instagram post (now deleted). “This looks like they’re trying to market guns to kids.”   The company president, Brandon Scott, says that its “Block 19” is “customization for a gun that uses pieces that look like Lego blocks.”   There are lots of people that wish the company to stop making the cases.   The company that creates the official Lego blocks, Lego, has even put out a plea for the company to stop manufacturing the look-alike cases.

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What are your thoughts on gun companies manufacturing these type of cases?

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