Beyoncé Divides Fans With ‘White Woman’ Movie Premiere Outfit

Beyoncé was called “shimmering” and “stunning” at the Renaissance concert movie debut, but internet commentators disagreed.

The singer’s Versace gown and waist-length hair in “a Targaryen-worthy shade of ice blonde” for the movie premiere were odd, with some comparing her to Kim Kardashian.

“I thought this was Kim Kardashian until I read the caption,” wrote a commenter on a Neighborhood Talk repost of Bey’s photos from the event, while another added, “So Kim is brown. Bey is white. Got it.”

Needless to say many feel that Beyoncé overdid it with the bleach-blonde hair at her premiere.

Some fans did come to the glamorous Mrs. Carter’s side by highlighting, “I can tell a lot of y’all know absolutely NOTHING about hair color, skin tones, Lighting etc! Also, She is of Creole descent as well. Yall think everybody bleach. Use your common sense sometimes!”

Another explained, “If you’ve ever seen Beyoncé in person you know she’s very pale and spray tans … this her natural color.”

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