Exclusive: Jeezy The Snowman Fresh Off The Versus Battle On The Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown

The Instagram hit battle, broadcast from an Atlanta strip club, was more tense than usual, but ended on a note of apparent reconciliation between the two star rappers.

Straight off the #VerzuzBattle stage, the @frankskishow with @peninabrown has the EXCLUSIVE interview with Big Sno aka Young Jizzle aka Jeeeeeeezy!!! Frank and Nina ask Jeezy if the tension was as real as it looked to all of us watching, the motivation for answering the battle call, what the battle meant to him (itโ€™s deeper than rap) and inquiring minds wanna know…. does @Jeezy really own half of Atlanta?! We get into all of the #BTS stuff with Big Sno himself… including the @magiccityatlanta @themckitchen wings ๐Ÿ— that he and Gucci @laflare1017 ordered BEFORE the battle. Gotta eat like a king, to perform like such! ๐Ÿ‘‘#onetimefortheculture โ›„๏ธ vs ๐Ÿฅถ #CongratulationsJeezyย