‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Passes Away At 54 After Apparent Drowning

Matthew Perry, best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the popular sitcom “Friends” for 10 seasons has been found dead at his home at the age of 54.

Law enforcement sources reported that Perry was found unconscious in a hot tub at his Los Angeles home. There were no signs of foul play.

Perry had a history of battling addiction to painkillers and alcohol, he wrote of his struggles with addiction in a memoir about his experiences. During a recent “Friends” reunion, Perry revealed that he had suffered from severe anxiety during the show’s filming.

“There has to be some reason why I’m still here, having done all of this crazy stuff, and I came to the conclusion it’s to write a book that will help people who are going through the same thing that I am, or did,” Perry said. 

Earlier this week, he had posted a photo of himself on social media.