Getting the Best Nutrition from the Foods You Eat

You are what you eat.  We’ve heard that saying all of our lives… but what are you eating?  Even if you try to eat healthy, is your body missing out?  We’re highlighting National Nutrition Month.  According to a’s 2015-2020 dietary guidelines recommendations, half of all Americans, 117 million people, have one or more preventable chronic diseases related to poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.  They include cardiovascular disease, high-blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, poor bone health… even some cancers.


Giant Food:

Howard University Hospital National Nutrition Month

Free food samples, demonstrations and educational activities      HUH Cafeteria Thursday, March 21st

Eat, Move and Live Right

Monday, March 25th, Howard University Main Yard 10am – 11am

Zumba, Food and Fun

Dr. Katherine Manuel, Assistant Professor & Dietetics Program Director, Department of Nutritional Services, Howard University


Jillian Griffith, Giant Foods In-Store Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian