Hogan Supports Impeachment Inquiry

Maryland’s republican governor supports the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Larry Hogan ways he wants the inquiry, controlled by Democrats in the House of Representatives, to be fair and objective.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is the latest elected Republican official to say he supports the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. In an interview with PBS’s Firing Line, Hogan said he thinks there needs to be an investigation because he doesn’t see any other way to get to the facts. The governor said he’s not ready to support impeachment or removal of the president, but thinks an inquiry of his conduct is warranted. He did say however, he’s concerned about whether the inquiry could be fair and objective in the Democrat-controlled House.  Hogan said the claim by the White House that it will not cooperate with the inquiry doesn’t sit well with him or a lot of other people.  The Republican said “we’ve got to get the facts,” and step back from crazy politics.