Jazmine Sullivan Talks Heaux Tales

“Heaux Tales is about my observation of today’s women standing in their power and owning who they are,” Jazmine Sullivan said in a statement. She continued:
No longer is male patriarchy dictating what it means to be a “good girl.” The truth is, women of all ages have been called a “heaux” at some point in life, whether deserved or not, by some man trying to put us in our place; a place designed to keep us under control, out of the way and usually beneath them. Women are over feeling ashamed about the decision we have made, or chose to make, in regards to our bodies.

Jazmine Sullivan is back with her highly anticipated new album Heaux Tales, sparked by lively conversations between her and her sister-friends! Jazmine shares details about her life, weight loss, and music! If you missed it, check out the full audio.

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