Kevin Hart Suing Blogger Tasha K

Kevin Hart has filed a lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K and his ex-assistant. 

According to The Daily Beast, they tried to extort him out of $250,000 not to air an unsavory interview about his personal life.

The outlet states, “Latasha Kebe, who goes by Tasha K online, reached out to Hart and demanded the six-figure payday or else she’d air the ‘damaging’ interview about his personal life she conducted with his former assistant, Miesha Shakes.”

Hart’s lawsuit says that the interview was full of false and defamatory statements regarding his personal relationships.

Kebe recently has been under fire for her lawsuit battle with Cardi B, which ended up her awarding the rapper more than $2.5 million in damages and another $1.3 million in legal fees.

Recently, fans warned Tasha K to watch out while she congratulated Ice Cube and his wife on their 31-year marriage anniversary.

She was really in the hot seat when she promoted an interview with someone that allegedly claimed being a former friend and assistant to actor Will Smith and witnessed him in a compromising position.