Chicago Rapper Lil Durk Announces Scholarship Partnership With Howard University

Lil Durk, Amazon Music, Rotation, and Neighborhood Heroes will award $50,000 in scholarships to two exceptional Howard University students from Chicago, according to a press release.

The 30-year-old rapper posted to Instagram, “I’m the voice this the part they don’t show, I appreciate all the kids who struggling to finish school and needed this blessing.”

Recipients must show financial need and stay committed to their college work for the scholarship to attend the number one Historically Black College and University. “I feel it’s my responsibility to reach back to the kids. Especially those that are growing up in my community,” Durk said.  “These kids have to be our biggest investment as they’re our future leaders. They are destined for greatness. And I’m encouraging others to join my team’s efforts to help pave their way.”

It’s amazing to see such a kind act like this from Durkio and his contribution to fulfilling the next generation of Chicago natives.